Wednesday, August 2, 2017

List of Rank's index 2017-2018

INDIA'S Rank In Different Indexes Released In 2017

🌞World’s Men’s Football teams -101st(Brazil-1st)
🌞Tourism rankings - 40th(France- 1st)
🌞Bribery and corrupt practices in businesses - 9th(Ukraine- 1st)
🌞ICC Test rankings - 1st
🌞Human Development Index-131st(Norway- 1st)
🌞World Happiness Report -122nd(Norway- 1st)
🌞Global Ranking- Mercer's Quality of Living Rankings -144th (Vienna, Austria- 1st)
🌞World Bank’s Ease of “Doing Business” Rankings-130th(New Zealand- 1st)
🌞Kearney Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Confidence Index- 8th(United States of America- 1st)
🌞Green energy spending- 5th(China-1st)
🌞 Milk Production - 2nd(United States of America-1st)
🌞 Global hunger index- 97th(Zambia- 1st)
🌞 Global talent competitiveness-89th(Switzerland-1st)
🌞Corruption perception Index - 76th(Somalia- 1st)
🌞Nuclear material security - 23rd(Australia- 1st)
🌞FDI confidence- 9th(United States- 1st)
🌞Intellectual property (IP) index -43rd(United States - 1st)
🌞Remittance Index -1st
🌞Crony Capitalism-9th(Hong Kong- 1st)
🌞World Press freedom index -136th(Norway- 1st)
🌞Defense Expenditure- 4th(United States - 1st)

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